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Find answers to your questions about the International Society of Mythology, our programs, and membership benefits on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

  • What is the International Society of Mythology?
    The International Society of Mythology (ISM) is a membership-based organization that encourages the professional development of mythologists to sustain a living authentically while honoring one’s genius (daimon), and inspiring others to do the same through story. Our goals include: Promote, foster, and encourage a robust understanding of mythology from various cultures around the world. Facilitate dialogue, scholarly research, and the dissemination of knowledge pertaining to mythological studies. Create a community where professionals, students, and enthusiasts can engage with each other in meaningful discussions, share research findings, and continually push the boundaries of our collective understanding of mythology and its impact on human civilization. Network with colleagues to find pathways of incorporating mythology as a viable career option. The International Society of Mythology is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) registered in the State of Maryland.
  • What are the benefits of ISMmembership?
    Building on nearly three years of experience with our group, Mythic Musings, our foundational principles encompass: (Please refer below for more details on Mythic Musings.) Monthly Social Hour via Zoom with an opportunity to talk about the latest news/pop culture or whatever is bubbling up, from a mythic perspective. We anticipate rotating hosts each month to facilitate this dialogue via collaboration and conversation. Access to Speaker Series Community forum Networking with other professionals who incorporate mythology as a core focus Community Run Groups (Film, Books, Specific Topic) Pop Up Workshops, Lectures ISM will also be hosting the Mythologium, an annual myth conference started by the fantastical Fates & Graces (see below for details). Once ISM’s foundation is firmly established, we envision broadening our horizons with offerings such as a professional journal and access to research databases. As we chart our path ahead, we remain attuned to the voice of our community, ensuring an ever-evolving, inclusive space for everyone.
  • Who can be a member of ISM?
    ISM welcomes all who are drawn to mythology for career advancement. Our community embraces scholars, professionals, students, storytellers, psychologists, artists, writers, tricksters, healers, crones, shapeshifters, as well as those who bring kindness, support, and encouragement to our fold.
  • Do I need a degree in Mythology to be a member?
    You do not need a degree in mythology to be a member of ISM but you should be knowledgeable about mythology so that you can participate in discussions on a professional level.
  • How did ISM come about?
    During the pandemic, Heather Taylor and Lydia Griffiths launched Mythic Musings, a weekly Zoom gathering intended for students of the Pacifica Myth Program. This platform allowed for in-depth discussions on our academic pursuits, general mythology, and provided an avenue for networking and mutual support. Over a span of nearly three years, we organized more than 100 sessions, featuring an array of guest speakers, insightful presentations, and community-driven events. The remarkable talent we discovered within our community inspired us to broaden our scope. Thus, we resolved to extend our outreach, connecting with fellow mythologists and supporting those eager to delve into mythology in a professional context.
  • Who runs ISM?
    ISM is run by five graduates from Pacifica Graduate Institute’s Mythological Studies Program (membership is open to mythologists from all schools as well as those who have not attended school for myth). Heather Taylor, Ph.D. Mythological Studies Heather Taylor, co-founder of Mythic Musings and a Ph.D. in Mythological Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute, is an award-winning filmmaker. Her film Breaking Through the Clouds: The First Women’s National Air Derby won several prestigious film festivals and continues to air on PBS stations across America. Heather is passionate about the power of storytelling to help guide us toward our soul’s purpose. Animals, both real and mythological, have guided Heather along her path. She will be defending her dissertation on horses in mythology in the coming months. Lydia Griffiths, M.A., Ph.D. Candidate Lydia Griffiths, co-founder of Mythic Musings and a PhD Candidate in Mythological Studies from Pacifica, delves deep into the nexus of popular culture and ancient myth, with a keen focus on fandoms as vibrant manifestations of modern mythology. As a mythologist, writer, and storyteller, she perceives stories as the lifeblood connecting communities and shaping the intricate human narrative. Jason Batt, M.A., M.F.A., Ph.D. Candidate Jason D. Batt, a mythologist, writer, futurist, and PhD candidate focused on future mythologies of interstellar travel, co-founded Signal Hill Road Publishing, Deep Space Predictive Research Group, and Project Lodestar. He is the Creative and Editorial Director of 100 Year Starship, founder of the Canopus Awards, and is currently the associate editor of the Journal of Space Philosophy, with his latest contribution being “Evolving Light” in Routledge’s 2023 publication “Outer Space and Religion.” Selena Madden, Ph.D. Mythological Studies Selena, a distinguished mythologist with a PhD in Mythological Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute, merges archetypal education, somatic arts, and profound insights into the human psyche, guiding others on transformative journeys through myth, symbolism, and personal growth. Drawing upon her expertise in dance, martial arts, and depth psychology, she crafts immersive experiences that blend movement and archetypal exploration, inviting individuals to rediscover their inner selves and the luminous potential of their own mythic narratives. Talia Harris, M.Sc., M.A, BCIS, Ph.D. Candidate Talia Harris, a distinguished third-year myth student at Pacifica, seamlessly blends academia with passion as an Associate Professor of Computer Science in Vancouver, B.C. Beyond her scholarly pursuits, Talia harbors a zest for supercars, holistic wellness, spirituality, and fitness, creating a tapestry of interests that enrich her multifaceted life.
  • What's happening with the Mythologium conference?
    In 2018, Pacifica Graduate Institute alumni, Joanna Gardner and Stephanie Smallwood Zajchowski, initiated the Mythologium, a conference drawing presenters from all over the world, united by their fervor for mythology. Affectionately known as the Fates & Graces, instilled a motto to share ideas, inspire each other, and amplify one another’s work. As 2023’s Mythologium neared, Joanna and Stephanie entrusted ISM’s founding members with the future stewardship of the conference. Though daunted by the legacy of near-perfection they’ve created, with its passionate following and community spirit, we at ISM recognize that while we can’t replicate their unique magic, we are committed to preserving Mythologium’s essence. Under their mentorship, our goal is to continue to “share ideas, inspire each other, and amplify one another’s work” as well as keep the “yes/and…” approach that is so central to the Mythologium. For the forthcoming Mythologium, we pledge to celebrate the ‘creativity’ theme unveiled in 2023. Details on the conference date will be announced in the coming months. While inevitable evolutions are on the horizon, our aim is to evolve symbiotically with the Myth Community’s heartbeat. We are truly honored to be handed the threads from the Fates & Graces to weave the next chapter. We encourage you to await more ISM announcements coming soon. For now, our heartfelt gratitude goes to Joanna and Stephanie for laying a foundation that has fostered connections and nurtured dreams.
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