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Image by Vlad Hilitanu

At the 2023 Mythologium, the Fates & Graces announced they were handing the baton over to ISM. We are so grateful to Dr. Joanna Gardner & Dr. Stephanie Zajchowski for this honor. The amount of work Joanna and Stephanie have done over these past five years to create the Mythologium is tremendous and we have all benefited from their vision, kindness, inspiration, creativity, support, and heart. We know we cannot improve upon perfection but we at ISM endeavor to carry on their tradition of sharing ideas, inspiring one another, and amplifying each other’s work. 


The Fates & Graces announced the theme of the next Mythologium as “Creativity,” which we will be honoring. 


Please stay tune for information about the next Mythologium, including the date, format, and call for proposals. Thank you.

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