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ISM Announces Joseph Campbell Foundation's Special Session at the 2024 Mythologium!

Updated: Jul 2

The International Society of Mythology (ISM) is pleased to host a special session at the 2024 Mythologium Myth Conference with the Joseph Campbell Foundation. Called “Sharing the Power of Mythic Writing: An Interactive Introduction,” this 1-hour presentation will cover tools and techniques for teaching students and clients how to connect their writing and their lives to the mythological world. Stay tuned for more details about this transformative session.”

The Joseph Campbell Foundation invites you to experience the power of myth. Building on the transformative work of Joseph Campbell, they offer resources and a community for those who hear the call to adventure.

This year's Mythologium promises to be an exceptional gathering of scholars, artists, and enthusiasts exploring the dynamic interplay between mythology and the creative arts. There is still time to submit your proposals for presentations and be included in this year’s virtual conference. The Call for Proposals closes July 15th. Registration for the Mythologium Myth Conference will open on August 13, 2024. Don't miss this unique opportunity to join a vibrant community of mythologists and creatives at the 2024 Mythologium!

The ISM is dedicated to the study and celebration of myths from all cultures, fostering an understanding of their profound impact on our lives and society.

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